Name : Jung Jin Young (정진영)
Nickname : Arctic Fox / mirror prince
Birth : 18 November 1991
Height, Weight : 178cm, 59kg
Profession :composer, producer, actor
Star sign : Scorpio
Blood type : A

MBC The Thousandth Man (2012) – cameo
tvN She Is Wow (2013) – main cast
Mnet Persevere, Goo Hae-ra (2015) – main cast
MBC Warm and Cozy (2015)

Miss Granny (2014)


  • B1A4’s “dad”
  • known for being a Yoon Shi Yoon, FT Island’s Minhwan, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Jung Il Woo Look Alike
  • Choong-book Choong-ju is his hometown.
  • Good at Playing Guitar
  • Composed Bling Girl from their 1st Mini Album
  • During his trainee days, he thought it would be great if a song he made could go into the Group album. So he naturally started composition
  • Famous for his sweet Smile and Gentle Looks
  • Famous for his Helicopter Mimic Talent
  • Loves Spam(Food)

  • Beats SHINee member Jonghyun and Actor Song Jong Ki in Mnet’s “Flower Boys Terror Situation” by Ranking number 1
  • Picked Gongchan as the most Handsome Member in the Group and Ranks himself 3rd
  • besides song writing, composing, singing, and acting, jinyoung can play guitar so well
  • younger than Shinwoo, but he’s the leader ^^
  • His charm point is when the ends of his mouth slightly go up as he smiles.
  • was picked as the member with wangjabyung (T/N: directly translated it means prince disease and it’s when you’re a bit obsessed with yourself) symptoms.
  • It’s because he always carries around a mirror and even uses it to fix his hair on his bed before sleeping. (omg…LOL) And the Mirror Prince coolly admitted to it -_-
  • Some ppl said he looks like the cooking mouse from ‘Ratatouille’
  • enjoys cooking as a hobby.
  • actually awkward with CNU / Shinwoo although they’re same-age-friend
  • first impressions to CNU, “CNU looked like he wouldn’t talk much”
  • first impressions to Baro, “He looked like a frivolous playful one”
  • first impressions to Sandeul, “he seemed completely innocent”
  • first impressions to Gongchan, “he seemed chic”
  • Something he wants to do with fans is have their own concert and a mini fanmeeting
  • enjoys listening to lately is LMFAO’s ‘Party Rock Anthem’
  • Jinyoung’s number 1 treasure is his laptop.
  • His hobby is doing media related work on that laptop.
  • ‘Bling Girl’, was composed personally by him on his laptop
  • he also wrote the lyrics with the members.
  • Respects Will.i.am so much.
  • Has a dream to work on a song with Will.i.Am from the Black Eyed Peas and have a collaboration stage.
  • wants to be shown to people as a true musician who loves and enjoys music and not just an idol.
  • Jinyoung has the ability to write and compose, with superior expression of emotions
  • debuted as an actor
  • He appeared with minor roles in KBS drama ‘My Mom, Super Mom’ and cable channel MBC Dramanet ‘Chosun Police’.
  • known as the skinny boy in d group
  • He embarked on a project alone to gain weight since he looked really skinny in the photos that were taken nearing his debut.
  • received a lot of stress since he don’t usually gain weight even though he eat alot.
  • When he had a girlfriend he really loved, he thought a lot of how ‘everything’s fine as long as I have you’
  • He had a crush on someone when wrote ‘Bling girl’
  • Bling Girl was written when he was sick as a trainee and was resting in his room alone with his notebook.
  • He is good at making aligo olio (peperoncino).
  • After he passed the auditions, as he was attending an acting school since middle school, he was able to play extra roles in dramas.
  • jinyoung really want to see their CDs being sold there
  • he like m-flo (a japanese singer) since he was in middle school.
  • If they  could have a psychic power, Jinyoung wanna have the power to earn lots of money.
  • he love doraemon. he even can mimic it ! xDD~
  • his ideal girl is a person who thinks only of him.
  • his charming point is his cuteness.
  • His ability to concentrate is strong.
  • when he fall into doing something, it is hard for him to get out of it.
  • He’s always wanted to be in this industry ever since he was young
  • He like to sing in front of people.
  • He was the vice-chairman in the student council, he had a personality that was suited in the school council.
  • During school he managed to hone on his acting skills,he also took a part in a film for the school.
  • During that period, his picture was uploaded to the site, and he was found by the company, so he got into B1A4.
  • he has a very forward personality. Even when b1a4 have a bad situation, as long as he think of ‘everything will get better’, it really does get better.
  • When he’s immersed (focused) in something, he wouldn’t be able to hear anything that calls him.
  • Jinyoung’s charm point is, he’s a great guy that likes to cook.
  • Someday, I will make a nice Aglio Olio so please come over and play~ *jinyoung*
  • Jinyoung want everyone to hear the songs he has composed.
  • If there’s a chance Jinyoung would like to try out acting.
  • Song that Jinyoung always listen to recently: Wiz Khalifa’s Roll Up
  • Habit he need to change: Biting his lips unknowningly while on stage
  • Jinyoung’s Favourite movie: War of the Worlds
  • Animal he think he’s most alike to: Arctic fox… the white kind
  • He like a girl who understands him, and her heart must only belong to him.
  • Jinyoung’s favourite body part: “Phoenix-like eyes”
  • Practice composition, and monitor the programs, are 2 things he need to do before he sleep.
  • Things he want to do on a day with fans: Play by the beach, eat delicious sashimi and watch the sunset.
  • Family, music, and his new family – B1A4, are three most important things in his life
  • He cannot resist to buy some Music-related equipments
  • His other ideal type of girl : A girl that can make him feel her feminity no matter what she does and no matter what the circumstances are; Someone who will only love him, who won’t lie, and wouldn’t hang the phone aside.
  • Fav songs recently: The Black Eyed Peas’ “Love You Long Time,” Jay-Z & Kayne West’s “Lift Off,” and Wiz Khalifa’s “Roll Up.”
  • Recent secret: If you look very carefully, my pinky finger is crooked.
  • His parents, Will.I.Am, Admiral Lee Sunshin are three people he most respect and like the most
  • His ideal type of a son: Gongchan
  • He love Euro-pop so much.
  • He would like to present her future girlfriend with great memories they’ll make from going to many different places on a very hot sunny day.
  • Favorite Color: Red, Black
  • Favorite Music: Electronic music, ballads
  • Fav song in it b1a4 : my love
  • Twice a week, he would come up from the provinces to Seoul to take singing and acting lessons
  • His first role on his drama was one of a delinquent boy.
  • He received an audition at the current company after a staff saw his picture uploaded in a portal site.
  • Out of all the members, Jinyoung scolds Baro the most.
  • Jinyoung is called ‘grandpa’ because on a variety show he wore a big hat and wore all white which made him look old.
  • For their next album, Jinyoung wants Baro to die his hair rainbow colors.
  • Jinyoung doesn’t wake up in the morning. He just lays in bed.
  • Jinyoung’s favorite color is red because it’s his lucky color.
  • Jinyoung thinks Baro is the funniest member.
  • If Jinyoung wasn’t a singer, he would be an engineer.
  • Whenever Jinyoung needs to go out, he always dresses up and fixes his hair. The members say when he wakes up he immediately dresses up.
  • Jinyoung trust baro for the boy he would introduce to his younger sister



“Although we’re not exceptional idols, we want to kindly go towards everyone with the exact looks you see and I want to make real music that we can enjoy together. For you to not get tired at any time you see us and you’ll want to see us more and listen to our music more, we’ll work hard to not disappoint.”

‘Guys! Since you’re all doing so well right now, let’s never lose our focus and be modest and cool singers. I love you. Fighting! Let’s Fly B1A4!! -banana jinyoung-

“My target since I was a trainee is to become a singer that doesn’t change even as time goes by and doesn’t forget the initial goal. If I feel myself changing, I will control it and catch my heart again. I want to be with my members forever like the way we were in the bginning. With that promise, I will work hard all the time, today and tomorrow.”

“There are still many lacking parts so I have been studying how I can have better gestures and expressions. My aim is to be able to show a more improved image each time I go on stage. I want to gain more weight and work on my figure too. I will also work hard on studying composing and become a well-rounded leader of B1A4. Woah~ If I want to do all this, it looks like I will have to work really hard?”

in order to win this year’s best rookie award, we will do our very best, so I hope everyone would love us, and look over us. -Jinyoung-

No matter where and when, I must be a modest and down-to-earth person.  


source: interview, fancams, video, news, and other researches

cr: Iceprinceafterschool @FLIGHTB1A4, thinkyouknowb1a4.tumblr.com,GLYNX @ AVIATEB1A4




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