[TRANS] B1A4 Interview – Anan Magazine no.1873 : close up!


B1A4, who are currently promoting their 3rd Japanese single. Let’s talk from the heart with the members’ secrets to things they hope from women!

Q: You’re currently touring in Japan. Please talk about a behind story from your performances so far!

CNU: Because I’m slow in changing stage costumes, my wardrobe changing is always risky with time.

Sandeul: Before I sang a decisive part in the song, I was flipping through a report paper which is part of my stage props, but there was “Dumb Sandeul” written on it! It was supposed to be a serious scene, but I was worried because I felt like I would explode in laughter…

Baro: I wrote it (laughter).

Q: Like the title of your new song, “What’s Going On”, is there anything you remember that made the members go “What’s going on?”

Jinyoung: Baro and Gongchan sleep with their eyes opened, what is this? When I see it at night, it’s scary.

CNU: Gongchan is currently sleeping with his eyes open. (Laughter)

Gongchan: I’m not sleeping.

Baro: Sandeul always says he’s ‘almighty in sports’, but I thought ‘no way’. But after playing basketball with him, he was really good, so I was surprised and thought, “What is this~?” He doesn’t seem like it (laughter). In the end, I lost and had to buy him a drink…

Sandeul: Hahaha. Although I’m wide and thin, I can do any type of exercise.

Gongchan: When Jinyoung hyung gets surprised and says, “What’s this?”, he touches cheeks!

Jinyoung: That’s because it’s cute. Sandeul’s cheeks are especially bouncy.

Sandeul: Jinyoung hyung touching cheeks is like me eating food without thinking when it’s in front of me. It’s a habit (laughter).

Gongchan: Sandeul hyung, don’t eat too much~!

CNU: I also touch the members without thinking. When I’m tired, I gain strength if I hold everyone’s hands. However, I don’t like being touched myself (laughter).

Sandeul: So unfair~!!

Q: It’s a song about cheating, but would you be able to forgive your girlfriend if she cheated?

Baro: I would never be able to!

CNU: Agree! Love is something that can only be created through trusting each other, so I wouldn’t be able to forgive betrayal even once.

Sandeul: For me, I’m okay with it if it’s once. If they say, “I won’t do it again”, I want to trust them. It’s because they’re the person I like.

Gongchan: I would secretly record them, and once I catch them, I’d ask and be like, “Who’s this?”

Sandeul: I don’t like that stalker-type of guy~!!

Baro: Your girlfriend would run away (laughter).

Gongchan: Really!?

Sandeul: What if you pass it by once, but on the second time, you show a picture and say, “I have evidence”?

Baro: That’s like saying “I know everything.” (laughter).

CNU: Since Gongchan is still young, even that’s forgiven.

Q: If your member told you, “My girlfriend’s cheating on me”, what would you do?

Jinyoung: Since it would be awkward to just meet with the girlfriend, I would go together and sit next to them. If they want to see it happen, I would go together as well.

CNU: I would warn them and say, “Since it’s your relationship, the only person that can handle it is you.”

Baro: Since relationships are a problem between that person and me, I wouldn’t want to talk to a member about it. Since relationships have good times and bad times, I think going through the pain of a relationship is also an experience.

Q: What if the cherished BANA cheats?

Baro: Oh my god! Something like that will only happen when the Earth collapses (tears).

Gongchan: I could never forget BANAs…

Sandeul: Since B1A4 grows by eating the love of BANA!

CNU: You mean ‘receiving’, not ‘eating’. I would work hard for them to look back at us again and wait for them without changing. No, wait, I definitely don’t want to think about something like that, it could never happen!

Jinyoung: BANAs disappearing = means we disappear as well. It could never happen!

Captions written by the members:

CNU: To. BANA♥ BANA is the most AMAZING to me.

Sandeul: I’m forever the oppa in BANA’s hearts♥

Jinyoung: Your boyfriend, Jinyoung ♥ BANA

Baro: BANA is a flower and B1A4 are honeybees

Gongchan: When should we go on a date next time? Right now!

Sandeul: My dream was to be a taekwondo athlete!

Baro: Sandeul’s sports skills are amazing!

CNU: The recording for the new song finished quickly!

Jinyoung: I’m bad at cleaning~ Someone do it for me!

Gongchan: Because I’m always believing in BANA ♥

Questions to B1A4!

Q1) After changing rooms in the dorms, what are you content and not content with?

Q2) Something you always bring with you overseas is?

Q3) A fashion item you want to try out this fall and winter?


A1) I’m happy that I share a room with Gongchan who takes the initiative to clean. I hope the drawers I ordered would hurry and arrive because the amount of clothes I have has increased.

A2) A laptop that has a composing program on it. I listen to music at the hotel through that. Also, basic make-up and facial cleansers.

A3) Because I wear a lot of cool items that are black, I would like to try out colorful shirts like Sandeul.


A1) After changing rooms, I’m happy that there’s room to put my clothes and pictures. The thing I’m unhappy about is that my bed is small. It’s a bit small for me (laughter).

A2) My camera which is my hobby. I want to record my memories overseas. I took a lot of pictures this time around while we were in Japan for the tour and handshaking event.

A3) A jacket or boots that seem like a European gentleman.


A1) I’m in the same room as Sandeul, but since we’re both not the types to clean or organize, it’s a bit messy when we’re busy. However, it’s pleasant because we don’t really mind it and the pace when we want to clean is the same.

A2) I don’t have a lot of belongings, but I never forget my laptop and speakers. And I definitely need my speakers, because I’m the type to fall asleep listening to music!

A3) A cool black coat.


A1) I share rooms with my manager hyung who’s a type B like me, but he’s good at cleaning, so our room is probably cleaner than anyone else’s. The only bad point is that there’s not enough space to put my clothes.

A2) Multivitamins and my script for a drama that I’m filming in Korea. Although it was hard reading it till the end. Also, I bring around manga books after being immersed in “Dragonball Z”.

A3) I want to wear a black blouson along with designer sneakers that add a point!


A1) It’s really nice to quietly share a room with CNU hyung and not mess up each other’s paces! I don’t have any complaints, but my wardrobe has increased and I realized that it would be bad if I don’t organize it quickly.

A2) A camera. Although I’m still study diligently on how to take pictures, it’s fun to share the same hobby as Sandeul hyung!

A3) A black long-jacket or trench coat that I like. I want to wear adult-like clothes.

Member Introductions

Jinyoung: 1991.11.18. Blood type A. A leader who leads the group and participates in composing and writing lyrics. On the other hand, he also has a clumsy side where he loses things often. Appeared in the Korean movie, “Suspicious Woman”.

CNU: 1991.06.16. Blood type A. Someone who has various talents, can do both vocal and rap parts, and can do sexy dances. Is called a bear because he moves leisurely.

Sandeul: 1992.03.20. Blood type A. The main vocalist who has a forward power. Is commonly known to be a glutton. Starting from September, he’ll be participating in the musical, ‘Thousandth Man’.

Baro: 1992.09.05. The only blood type B in the group. In charge of raps. A mood maker who sets the mood at the scene through his brightness that he’s born with. Will have his acting debut through the hot drama, ‘Reply 1994’.

Gongchan: 1993.08.14. Blood type A. The members say he’s ‘someone to lean on’ as the youngest who shows off perfect visuals. Adds comic relief to every live stage in Japan through his Japanese gags full of cute acts.

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