Name: Jung Jinyoung

Nickname: Fox, grandfather

Group: B1A4

Birth: 1991.11.18

Bloodtype: A

Height: 178cm

Weight: 59kg

M/F: M

Talent: Writing lyrics, composing songs, thinking of everything with a positive mindset

Interest: Cooking!

01. I am such a person

I am a future-oriented person. I try to overcome all things while thinking of the happiness to come in future. I have a lot of curiosity. Instead of being scared whenever I start something new, I first try to face it head on. However up until now I am still not sure if it is an advantage or disadvantage. I’ll have to decide based on the results.

02. An item that I like

Earphones and headphones make my ears happy. Each different earphone allows me to analyze all the songs differently.

03. I like this side of myself

I like how I do not put confidence into myself. Honestly there are not many things that I do well at. I believe it’s the difference in how one thinks. If from the start I think ‘I can do it’ despite it being something I cannot do, my body will naturally follow me.

04. 3 things I am familiar with

Music, BANA, the existence of my parents

05. A song that expresses myself

The songs from B1A4’s songs that were written by me. They are songs that are made from a combination of my thoughts and experiences!

06. The color that fits me best

White color. White color goes well with other colors. I feel that it is similar to how I change and adapt to new situations.

07. An incident that changed me

There was once I went to the beach with the family. I got first place in the talent show, where we put hotel room arrangements on the line. That time I was so happy to be singing. The fact that everyone’s attention was on me made me work even harder to be better. I think it was from this time onwards that I started to enjoy being on stage and receiving attention from people.

08. If I could go on a holiday alone

I want to go on an overseas trip with no money. How will I overcome situations in a foreign land with no money? I want to try and see whether someone who cannot find my way around be able to go home.

09. The sides to myself that surprises myself

When I do well at my first tries. I was amazed at how well I did for both fencing and archery, things that I am trying out for the first time.

10. The sides to myself that I love the most

I believe that if I do not change my mind or give up on my goal, my dream will eventually come true.


I am Jinyoung, who tries to think and act with a positive mindset. Hahaha! I have a very different personality from how I look so I get mistaken fairly often. I am not nimble at all – to the extent that I am in charge of being ‘grandfather’ in the group. I have a pretty easygoing personality, but I am also stubborn about the things I want to do so I don’t like being interrupted. As of now I still don’t like to live my life by the book but I do think that as I grow older I will have to do even the things that I don’t like to do. Hence there is a small part of me that hopes I can forever stay young just like Peter Pan. Of course it would be nice to have a dramatic kind of love, but for now that’s not it. I am definitely envious. But the more envious you are, the more you should not think about it. Once it surpasses a certain level, the dissatisfaction will only keep piling up. Times like these I feel that one’s control is most important and you should compose your heart. If you think that it is nothing, it will not be able to take up a large portion of your mind. I feel that there is a time for everything. When the time comes, I will experience the love that you see in movies. I want to experience love and pain, be thankful for it and use them as musical inspiration to improve. Finally I am really thankful to the members. Taking care of a hyung who is not very much apart in age because he is ‘the leader’ and maintaining the team so smoothly by tuning together everyone’s ideas, I feel that that is also luck. I want to be a group that many people remember for our music. So when the time comes, I want to leave a history that belongs to only us behind somewhere with cool scenery as a background. Everyone, you agree right? Ah… It’ll be nice if there was 30 hours a day. So that we could do something more together. How nice would it be if there was a chance where I could increase time!


Official Jinyoung

B1A4’s leader

Unofficial Jinyoung

I think many people think that I have a very fussy personality based on their first impression of me. But when you get to know me, I am a black hole and act a little rashly. I focus very well on the tasks on hand but I find myself not being able to look out for myself in other things. Hence recently I am trying to be thorough in everything.

Must have item for Jinyoung

A goal. I think it is very uninteresting to have no goal even if you have everything. Because it means you have nothing you want to do. Without a goal there is no sense of accomplishment, so I don’t think you can live an interesting life. I feel that the bigger your dreams and goals are, the better it is.

Recently I devoted in most time?

No matter what, I am spending most time preparing for the next album. Practice hours have increased due to comeback preparation, and I have been putting a lot of effort into song composition as well. I think it is inevitable to invest a lot of time if I were to personally check all the songs, alongside the editing, mixing and mastering them. I have really learnt a lot as I prepared (for the album). In addition to living with the members, personally experiencing the rules of the outside society has helped me a lot musically and emotionally. I am living while I listen to and learn from the opinions of the people I meet at work.

Now since up to me?

Even though there have been many people who helped me… All the people who have crossed paths with me up until today. Is that too much? Be it a bad relationship or a good relationship, I think that everyone has made me the way I am today. For example, there may have been a bad incident that happened with someone. But I would definitely have learnt something from that incident, and I will be sure not to repeat that mistake twice. I think of everything that happens to be as an experience and I try to accept them all. The coexistence of the carrot and the stick is what makes Jinyoung the way he is today.

My role model, a true mentor?

My parents. I have learnt a lot emotionally, and there are many things that I have seen and felt that will give rise to how my family will be like in future. Of course there are also things that asks for self-reflection. I think my parents are really cool, to the point that I want to become parents like them.

This is I’m the best!

Thinking of ideas instantly! I like competing so I like having to think quickly. It may be hard when you ask me to think, but in the situation of a competition I can think of many ideas. If you want me to move, instill a sense of competitiveness in me.

First thought when you work for?

What kind of new images should I show? I have a lot of such troubles recently. In the beginning I started composing by creating melodies despite not knowing anything in the hopes that it would benefit the group. Even now as I compose music there are many things that I can try so I can be brave about it. That is probably why the musicians around me say that my songs are different from the standard ones, and others also say that the songs are creative.

Motto of my life

A positive mindset. I have seen so much through it. If I had a negative mindset, it would have been hard to realize many things. With my positive mindset, I was able to stand strong and overcome all things with that strength. Should I say that a positive mindset created a lot of good energy? I spread this to the members as well so I think it is good for when we work too. There is definitely no trouble when communicating with others if you try to understand them, and there will be good results if you bow your head.

Just before sleeping?

Listening to songs before I sleep. It depends on my mood that day. If it was an exciting and good day, I would listen to something calm. If I felt lacking in energy and it was a tiring day, I would listen to something upbeat. The time that we try to sleep is when our emotions is at its highest so if we adjust them when we sleep we can start the next day well. There is nothing better than anticipating how the following day will end well with a song. On the days that I want to feel emotional, I can live in my memories through an emotional song.

Hangul Alphabet

가족 Family: I always miss them

 Me: Because I am precious

다람쥐 Squirrel: The squirrel (Baro) has gone for filming

라디오 Radio: I listened to it often when I was young

마악창 Makchang: I really like this, it’s chewy. I am suddenly hungry

바보 Fool: I sometimes think that I’m like a fool

사랑 Love: A fate-like love that may come to anyone

아침 Morning: I really like the sunrise in the morning

자랑 Pride: I will always work hard so that our fans can be proud of us

차림새 Attire: I want to always give a clean cut impression

카메라 Camera: An equipment that captures the world

타악기 Percussion: I want to learn the drums

파란만장 Ups and downs: Wouldn’t life have its ups and downs too?

하하하 Hahaha: I want to live as I laugh


English Alphabet

A+: It’ll be nice if everything is A+

Brand: I want to make a brand called B1A4

Can: I can do it!

Desk: I have a long desk in the production room

Emergency: There is a emergency situation now. I am suddenly hungry

Friend: A precious existence

Gone: A noun that comes up sometimes when I recall my memories

Hahaha: I want to always laugh so freely and easily

I need you: I need you

Jump: An upgrade to the next level

Korea: The Korea I am proud of

Love: Love is precious, and we need to always be with it

Mountain: I want to go to a mountaintop with nice air and shout yahoo~

Natural: I like everything natural

Off: When I do not wish to think of anything

Piano: I want to learn to play it

Quiz: I like nonsense quizzes

Round: Everything round round

Soul: I am listening to music of the soul genre often

To: There are many things I want to say to ~

University: I want to try living the life of a university student

Voice: The most beautiful instrument in this world

What?: When I have many thoughts

X: I hate negativity

Yesterday: Yesterday we met the fans after a long time

Zero: Sometimes I reset my mind. To empty it and start again…

Childhood / School days

My childhood

According to my parents, I was bright and intelligent, and I was solemn when I was born. When I see it now, I acted frivolously and I feel like something went wrong when I grew up. I lose things too easily. My parents said I wasn’t this way when I was young, but I think I lost things easily that time too. It’s a mystery.

My childhood obsession 

Assembling robots. I really liked assembling things in the past so I would spend my time making even the largest things by myself. I was a child who was prematurely developed, being really happy if I could create something creative. Actually my dream was to be an inventor. Not assembling things by the instruction manual and slightly altering the appearance, or adding something extra gave me a lot of satisfaction. I also like dealing with machines.

My talent

I really liked science. As I mentioned earlier, my dream was to be a scientist or inventor, and I set my heart on becoming one. It was a huge aspiration, haha! Right now I am doing something in the creative category so I do think that my dreams have come true.

My anniversary of love

When I was in high school, I gave the girl I liked not chocolates, not banana milk but a container of pine nuts I received from my father. She should have found it absurd but she really liked it. Come to think of it now, it is really embarrassing. I gave her something that was not matching of my age. But after that, I was satisfied because I gave her a King Pepero made of a baguette dipped in chocolate. Even if it was a little childish. (embarrassed)

Anniversary members

Confidently me… haha! I did receive a lot of presents on anniversary days. It felt really good. I really respect my parents for taking care of each other, and I really work hard to become a person like my father. I really learnt a lot from my father about how I should treat girls. Ever since they got married, my father has never failed to cook my mother seaweed soup on her birthday. My father is the best!!

Remember the fight

There were many situations where I got involved in the fight while I was trying to hold my friends back from fighting. I was in an all-boys school (in middle school) so there would be a fight at least once a day. When I went to a co-ed high scool, the boys were really gentle and there were barely any fights so I had a free and quiet school life.

Listen to reprimanded

There was an occasion where for a few days I went straight to the PC room instead of going to the after-school academy. The academy called up my house straight away. I remember that my father who did not ever lift the rod beat me for the first time… Thinking back now, these are all memories.

Future dream

My parents hoped that I would become an entertainer. This is the third time I’m saying this here, but when I was young I wanted to become a scientist or an inventor. But after looking at reality in the eye, I think it is a little overboard to me. Even though I could not become a scientist, I am happy to be right here at this moment.


I am B1A4’s Jinyoung.

Why does time pass so quickly? It is already 2014. For me, the people around me look at me and say that I live on memories. I am so happy to talk about things and share sentiments from the past. Because all the happy and sad things are part of my precious memories ㅎㅎ As I created the album this time, I wanted to include my personal experiences and the feelings I get from seeing the fans. Perhaps that’s why this time it is not so much composing songs than writing a scenario.

Because it is such a happy thing that I have so many beautiful memories, I am working hard to be more focused on the present, without missing out on a single second. Everyone please make beautiful memories now with B1A4 so that you can smile and look back on them in future!


Source: WHO AM I Album (scans by skipfire.tistory.com)

Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com

Please remove all translations with full credits to source and translator.


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