Q. It’s your second comeback of the year. How do you feel?
Baro: It’s been a windwhirl for me, even after Lonely. I had filming for SBS God’s Gift – 14 Days as well. And I went to Brazil not too long ago. I want to say thank you to the members who gave me a lot of consideration during the preparation of the album. I will also show a good stage to the fans who have been waiting for us.
CNU: I’ve been looking forward to our comeback. I anxiously wanted to stand on stage, even if it was a day earlier. This album is different from our previous album. It’s even more meaningful because it’s made up of music made 100% by us. So it’s a very special album to me too.

Q. We’re curious about the concept of your album SOLODAY.
Jinyoung: This album is much about us finding our dreams. The title song SOLODAY carries a lot of different meaning. There are the single people who have broken up with their other half, and there are those who are ostracized because they don’t fit in. In the music video, 5 characters with lost dreams appear. A jobless person who lives in the world of gaming, CNU who has obsessive compulsive disorder, Sandeul is a timid pizza delivery boy, 4D-character Baro who believes in UFO, and Gongchan the flower vagabond who roams around without a dream. They are all very extreme characters. A UFO appears in the later part of the music video, and many people were curious about it – what connection does it have to being a solo. If you wish for your dream to come true, it only stays as a part of one’s imagination. We wanted to show that if you become brave and put it into actions, your dreams can actually become a reality.

Q. We heard that your album pictures and music video were all shot in LA.
Baro: It was nearly the end of the shoot when we were shooting in a house that had a swimming pool. The camera director was so focused on shooting that he fell into the pool, together with the camera. All the content we had filmed was inside… We put in a lot of effort into saving the memory card. Thankfully after drying it well we managed to save the data.
Gongchan: My concept for the music video was a carefree vagabond, so I stuck on a hairpiece and wore vintage clothes. I was leaning against the streetlight halfway through the shoot, and 2 foreigners passed by me and gave me $2. It was an interesting experience.

Q. One last thing you want to say to your fans.
Jinyoung: The members had a lot of fun preparing for this album. We will work hard promoting, so please cheer us on!
CNU: I hope this album will be like a present to the fans. We will work hard to become an artist whose ‘next time’ will be even more anticipated.
Sandeul: BANAs, you’ve waited a long time. We all practiced hard thinking about our BANAs. Let’s meet with a good appearance!
Baro: I hope all the single people meet someone good after singing to our songs. And if our fans are single, please don’t feel lonely because you have us!
Gongchan: Listen to SOLODAY in this sweltering summer and make all the heat go away!

Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=420&aid=0000001094
Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com / @skipfire


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