[PHOTOS] Exclusive Snippets from B1A4 Live Performance in Singapore


Back in Singapore to perform at the KStar FanFest, B1A4 displayed their energetic vibes and attracted over 1,600 concert goers in attendance on 22nd November 2014. It was a memorable evening to remember and reminisce for all BANAs as B1A4 performed a string of their hits, played games with selected lucky fans, and later high-fived the VIP fans. Singapore BANAs also threw a surprise birthday celebration for Jinyoung during the concert. Check out our set of exclusive photos + video below!

B1A4Let’s Fly, B1A4!

B1A4Rapper Baro and his swag during the opening performance!

B1A4 SandeulSandeul working really hard to put up an awesome show for BANAs!

B1A4 JinyoungPretty boy Jinyoung melting the hearts of BANAs~

B1A4 GongchanCutie Gongchan throwing lots of fan service during the concert. So sweet~

B1A4 BaroA big heart for all the SG BANAs!

B1A4 CNUOh my beautiful target, you zoom zoom heart like a rocket~

B1A4 SandeulSandeul with the sprout dance! I like it like…

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