[ARTICLE/TRANS] Perseverance Goo Haera First Broadcast D-DAY, 4 Points for Watching…Fun for the Eyes and Ears

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‘Perseverance Goo Haera’ first broadcast D-DAY, 4 points for watching…fun for the eyes and ears.

Mnet’s ambitiously prepared ‘real’ music drama ‘Perseverance Goo Haera’ (Director Kim Yongbeom, An Joonyoung, Screenplay Shin Myeongjin, Jung Soohyun) will have its first revealing.

‘Perseverance Goo Haera’ is serving as Mnet’s second music drama following ‘Monster’ that showed in 2013. It has audition programs’ prime leaders including director Kim Yongbeom as well as gathering other entertainment and sitcom production crews to join who are on Avengers level. Before the news was even announced, the project had received great expectations and interest. The first broadcast is the 9th and it will continue on for 12 episodes every Friday night. There are 3 reasons to watch the ‘real’ music drama ‘Perseverance Goo Haera.’

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