[PICT/TRANS] Perseverance Goo Haera – Kang Sechan’s Character Description Translation

Neo got my back


Kang Sechan _ Jinyoung

Male. 21 years old in the year 2010

“I’ll always be hungry for Haera more than rice…more than sauce. I’ll wish to live with ‘Haera’ forever!!”

Having an appearance and personality completely dissimilar from Sejong, he’s Sejong’s fraternal twin brother who’s always cheerful, smiley, and has a lot of aegyo.

The first moment he saw Haera, at 10 years old, he thought fate was decided. He wished for only ‘Haera.’

At 13, ‘My Dream’ was written during school. The moment he saw the five letters in Haera’s notebook, ‘marry a singer,’ Sechan’s dream was decided. Become a singer, marry Haera.

Although his IQ isn’t as high as his hyung’s, his EQ is high (his own claim); although studying is in the background, fortunately, he has a talent for music since he’s always the main vocal in the band club.

Then, although Sechan has screaming girls chasing…

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